Wednesday 23rd of August

 “Why be envious because I am generous?”

Matthew 20:1-16

Sometimes, we may compare ourselves to others, whether it be work, material possessions, appearances, or achievements. This can make us jealous, prejudiced, dissatisfied and unhappy about certain people and situations. This week, Jesus wants to remind us that we are precious in his eyes, and he loves each of us, not for what we have, but because we are his children.

His love is more powerful than anything else and is what we need most. Jesus invites us to be happy and appreciative of the blessings we have received and to trust that he provides everything we need; therefore, we don’t need to be jealous of others. When we are jealous of others, prayer can shift our focus to Jesus’ unconditional love, generosity, courage, and peace…

Can we recall the times that Jesus has been generous to us? What do we want to pray for so that we can change? Are we happy with what we have?

Weekly Reading 2