Wednesday 26th of July

“A Sower went out to sow.”

Matthew 13:1-9

We know that in all the situations that we are going through, Jesus is always there with us to guide us. however, at times we might this is perhaps choose to ignore him or pretend that we do not hear his Word.

Nevertheless, Jesus never gives up on us. He always gives us the opportunity to turn back to him, to stop, pray, and listen to his Word. When we listen to his Word, our faith can grow and bear fruit like the seeds that fall on “good soil”.

The Word of God is powerful and can change our attitude, perspectives, negativity, fear, and direction. It can transform our hearts from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh that can love and care for others. BylisteningtoJesusandfollowinghim,weare nourished, strengthened and grow in our appreciation of Jesus’ love and compassion.

Do we allow Jesus to sow his seeds (of love) in us so that we can grow in his love? What type of fruit are we bearing in our life? Are we a sower of good seeds for Jesus?

Weekly Reading 2