Tuesday 16th of May

 “Unless I go, the Advocate will not come to you.”

John 16: 5-11

We might wish that we were one of Jesus’ followers 2,000 years ago who saw Him walking on the earth performing miracles and who heard the Good News directly from Him. But Jesus said that it was to the advantage of His disciples then, and for us now, that He would go away. His disciples must have disagreed and wanted Him to stay.

But what is the effect of Jesus ascending into Heaven? Instead of His disciples staying in Jerusalem and only listening to Jesus, they went out to the whole world and shared the Gospel. It is like children who would like to stay at home for all of their lives, but who become independent adults and go out to live their own lives. How do we react to Jesus telling us that He is going away, but that He will send the Advocate to us? The Advocate, the Holy Spirit will live in us and speak through us. We are even more blessed than the disciples, because they only saw and heard Jesus. We have God living within us.

Weekly Reading 1