Tuesday 2nd of May

“The Father and I are one.”

John 10:22-30

The Jewish people asked Jesus was He the Christ? They knew that the Christ was the Messiah, who God had promised to send to save His people. But some of them thought that the Messiah would save them through fighting the Romans to drive them out of the Holy Land. Jesus spoke instead of His people being the sheep with Him as their shepherd. Jesus was speaking and showing people how He would serve them and save them, rather than fighting for them. Jesus’ healing and miracles gave witness that He was the Christ, but the Jews did not see or listen to His teaching.

Jesus said that He and His Father are one and that no one will snatch us out of His hand. Do we see Jesus as our saviour in His gentleness and healing, or do we only look for dramatic signs of His miracles? Jesus is telling us that we can be shepherds for other people too, so that they can hear His voice and follow Him. Jesus, thank you for beingour loving shepherd, who looks after us and invites us all into Your relationship with God our father.

Weekly Reading 1