Tuesday 15th of August

The Assumption of Mary

“The Almighty has done great things for me.”

Luke 1:39-56

How would we feel if we were in Mary’s position? She was a lowly village girl, who the angel had told that she would have a child, when she did not have the security of marriage. Instead of panicking and worrying about herself, Mary went to help her cousin. She responded to Elizabeth’s greeting with a prayer of praise to God, the Magnificat, that has been prayed for the last 2,000 years.

Mary praised God for His plan of salvation over the history of her people Israel. She reminds us how God scattered the rich, proud and powerful and lifted up the lowly. Mary shows us how God has kept His promises throughout the ages. Do we ask Mary to bring us to Jesus when we feel overwhelmed by the problems and cares of the world? Hail Mother Mary, we join with all generations and call you blessed. Please take our prayers to your Son Jesus, so that we might trust in God in our times of trial. Please give us your gifts of humility and faith, so our Mighty God can do great things for us and through us.

Weekly Reading 1