“If your brother does wrong, reprove him.”

Luke 17:1-6

Jesus shows us that we have a responsibility as Christians to correct our brothers and sisters when they have done wrong. For some of us, this may be difficult as we cannot predict how they may react. Yet, just like a child or students, they often need to be corrected by their parents and teachers for them to understand the right thing to do, so we as Christians need to make others understand by letting them know they have done something wrong, not to put them down, but to instruct them. And it is with the Holy Spirit that can give us the words to speak to our brothers and sisters. For being corrected is not easy when received, but is essential for our growth in becoming better individuals.

We are called to be ready to forgive, when those we have corrected, repent. Let us grow to stand firm in our faith and love, and to open our hearts to show mercy upon others again and again, just as Jesus did for us.

2022-11-07 Reading 7