Wednesday 1st of March

“In him we live and move and have our being…”

Acts 17: 22-28

Many of us say we do not know God’s plan or what God wantsustodo. However,inthisreading,itisclearthat the Word of God mentions that if we seek him, perhaps reach out to him and find him, we will know as God is always with us. He is near to us, but maybe we might not be with him. Perhaps we are swelling in other things.

When we make an effort to stay connected to Jesus and his word throughout the day, we receive confidence, peace, and hope and will experience how Jesus works in our lives.

If we live and move in God, how does it show on the outside? Does our unity with God have a positive influence on the lives of others on a spiritual level? Do we share Jesus and his love with other people?

2023-03-01 Reading 2