15th February 2023

 “The blind man was cured and could see everything distinctly.”

Mark 8:22-26

We can learn so many things from this reading.  When Jesus was asked to heal the blind man, he was not reluctant.  Jesus never turns away anyone who calls out to him. However, perhaps we might not always call out to Jesus in our need. In contrast, the blind man in this passage showed his strong faith towards Jesus and willingness to call out to him to be healed.

As followers of Jesus and children of the father, we are never to be afraid of calling out to Jesus like this blind man in our needs. We are to place our trust and hope in Jesus and surrender to him, allowing Jesus to work miracles in our lives without our resistance, excuses.  We don’t want our lack of faith or old patterns of thinking to prevent the healing that Jesus wants to do in us. What is stopping us from following Jesus?  Are we willing to let Jesus lead?  Do we trust Jesus totally?

2023-02-15 Reading 2