Year of Prayer 

Pope Francis has proposed that 2024 should be marked as a year dedicated to PRAYER, in preparation for the Jubilee year in 2025. We will also follow this theme of PRAYER in our different activities in 2024. 

Fr James McTavish, a missionary priest in our community wrote a book title: “ A Life of Prayer: 30 days with the Word of God”.  

“The book outlines a set (or series) of exercises gvien over a one- month period with at least one exercise for every day. The goal is to accomplish the exercises in a somewhat smooth, continuous, and crescendo fashion. After a month, through perseverance, the reader will be equipped with tools and skills which can help deepen his or her prayer life.” Fr James 

 James’ book will be our resource for the School of the Word when we recommence on the week of the 22nd January. The book is already available for purchase, so please get in touch with us for your copy. 

Books are $15 each – or $20 with postal delivery. 

Contact Verbum Dei Missionaries= E: verbumdeisydney@gmail.com 




“ A Life of Prayer: 30 days with the Word of God”.