Friday 3rd of March

 “Remain united to me…”

John 15:1-10

Our life here on earth is like those branches on the vine. We need to believe and trust in Jesus and always live in His name. If we follow and abide in Jesus, we will bear much fruit. Those who fail to follow Jesus will bear no fruit and live aimlessly. While we live here in this temporary world, we must try to be the good branches who will bear more fruits. The main purpose of living is to share the wonders of God through charity and penance. Obedience is one virtue that we need as well. Without obedience, we can’t abide by the teachings of our Lord Jesus.

Today’s reading reminds us of our total dependence on Jesus for us to lead the best life we could ask for. The very core of our existence is our connection to Jesus. Do you live daily in uniting yourselves with the Lord? We must never stop doing things for the glory of God. May we pray for the desire for a deeper relationship with Jesus and a fruitful life.

2023-03-03 Reading 4