Monday 11th of December

 “The return of the redeemed through the desert.”

Isaiah 35:1-10

As we move into the second week of Advent, we are called to be people of hope as we wait for the coming of Jesus. Today, we are experiencing a lot of suffering around the world, and it is a time to look to the Lord and remember that Jesus desires to restore and heal us and all that is broken. God wants to bring new life into us.

Just like nature, we need healing and restoration in our hearts and minds. How can I prepare to be hopeful? Do we believe that Jesus is the Saviour of the world and seeks to restore our lives for the better? Let us hold onto the hope in Jesus’ coming, especially in our difficulties, and remain hopeful people. Let us trust that God will provide for us in our situation and bless us with abundance so we can live with hope in the Lord.

2023-12-11 Weekly Reading 7