Sunday 3rd of December

1st Sunday of Advent

“If he comes unexpectedly, he must not find you asleep.”

Mark 13:33-37

Today marks the beginning of our advent journey for 2023. Where has the year gone? How do we find ourselves at the start of Advent? Are we excited and hopeful, or do we feel tired and burnt out? However, we are Jesus has an important message for us. And that message is: I AM COMING. The Lord is near and wants us to prepare our hearts for his coming.

We are asked to prepare for his coming in this first week of Advent by staying awake and being on our guard against things that can take his life, joy and love away from us. We might ask Jesus, Lord, how are you asking me to stay awake today? In which area of my life have I fallen asleep?

We want to be ready when the Lord comes at Christmas, so let us ask Mother Mary to help us prepare our hearts for his coming, just as she prepared her hearts, even in the midst of suffering, tiredness, and anxiety. Come, Lord Jesus!

2023-12-03 Weekly Reading 6