Sunday 12th of November

“The wise and foolish virgins.”

Matthew 25:1-13

As we move closer to Advent, our readings are inviting us to prepare ourselves for the coming of the bridegroom and stay awake at all times so that we will not miss Jesus when he comes. As followers of Jesus, we must always seek to have a faith that is alive, nurtured and replenished. How are we nurturing our life of faith? How do we replenish our spiritual lives? Talk to Jesus about this in your prayer.

The foolish virgins in our passage today were those whose faith had grown lukewarm, complacent and cold, and therefore, they were not ready when the Lord came. Which group of virgins are we? Are we wise, awake, alert and prepared? Or are we like the foolish who have allowed our faith to grow cold?

Lord, help us in this time leading up to Advent to stay awake in faith and put the necessary means so that we can be ready whenever and wherever you call us, not only at the end of our lives but in the day and today moments that you call to us.

2023-11-12 Weekly Reading 6