Friday 3rd of November

 “‘Is it against the law to cure a man on the sabbath?'”

Luke 14:1-6

Jesus no doubt emphasised Sabbath as a day of rest to include the being and doing of helping others(strangers) in need, celebrating being together with family and friends. The Sabbath is not only a day to rest but more importantly a sacred day dedicated to worship the Creator of man and of the Sabbath. To worship God does not consist only in going to church, memorizing prayers and shouting Alleluia. More importantly, we worship in spirit and in truth, meaning, we worship with sincerity, humility and love in our heart as well as with faith, knowing fully well that we are worshipping the one true God who loves us unconditionally.

Our worship is not sincere if we worship only with our lips and without compassion for our brothers and sisters. Thus, observing the Sabbath or Sunday for that matter is meaningless if we lack compassion for people in need. This does not mean that participating in church activities and performing rituals are no longer important. It only means they should not hinder us for doing what is necessary such as meeting an emergency.

2023-11-02 Weekly Reading