Wednesday 1st of November

All Saints Day

 “How happy are the poor in spirit.”

Matthew 5:1-12a

Most of us may experience that when we are weak spiritually, sad or disappointed; these are the moments we seek and yearn for God the most. When we come to him in these moments, we experience him giving us strength and faith. Today, as we remember all the Saints who have gone before us, we celebrate their faith and trust in God’s presence. They show us that the path to holiness is not about perfection but getting up each time we fall.

God created us; he knows exactly when we need him, and he is always ready to give us comfort, strength, and hope. When we acknowledge that we need God in our lives, we can then cooperate with him.

God’s grace is sufficient for us to trust, love, and have faith that with him, all things are possible. Let us take confidence in knowing that God is in control so we can surrender. Do we trust God with all our hearts? Do we pray and seek God in good and bad times?


2023-11-01 Weekly Reading 1