Saturday 28th of October

“Jesus chooses his twelve apostles

Luke 6:12-19

In this reading, we discover the context of how this unlikely group of disciples became chosen as apostles. Jesus spent the entire previous night praying to God before making the decision. Arguably, it didn’t look like a great selection- some fishermen, Mathew, a tax collector who was on the opposite side of the political spectrum and another chosen apostle, Simon the Zealot. (Zealots were religious and political activists of the time who had no issue using violence to support their case).

The decisions we make may not be ones that people will still discuss centurieslater (but God knows!). Regardless, the impact of every decision we make does play a part in history. Do we realise the importance of asking for God’s insight and guidance? When we seek God in prayer, are we willing and open to take actions or positions that seem contrary to what makes immediate sense to us or even those around us?

2023-10-28 Weekly Reading 5