Thursday 26th of October

“How I wish it were blazing already!”

Luke 12:49-53

In our world today, we see all too well the division Jesus is speaking of in today’s reading. It is not that Jesus came to cause division, as we know his deepest desire is ‘that they may all be one’ just as he and the Father are one. But the reality is that his message will bring division naturally, as each one of us is free to accept it or reject it. As we pray for peace in our world, how can we start by bringing peace to our own lives, our families, workplaces, communities? What does Jesus’ message stir up in me today?

Jesus was passionate about the mission given to him by the Father, saying how he wishes the earth were blazing already. Today, let us pray let us pray not to become lukewarm in our faith, but to persevere with the fire of God’s love.

2023-10-26 Weekly Reading 3