Thursday 19th of October

 “You have not gone in yourselves and have prevented others who wanted to.”

Luke 11:47-54

In today’s reading, Jesus responds to one of the teachers of the law, calling out the hypocrisy of their ways. They had knowledge of what was written in the law but did not live it in a loving way. Instead, they even used it to justify persecution and killing. This was far from loving, and they had taken away the key of knowledge that they were called to share with others.

Are we aware of the role we have to share the knowledge, skills, gifts and talents we have with others? Do we ever get in the way of others possibly encountering or deepening in their awareness of God? Do we act on the promptings of the holy spirit, or do we ignore and get in the way of the grace he wants to give? Today let us notice any hypocrisy in our own life, and pray for a greater integration of our faith and life as we seek to follow Jesus today.

2023-10-19 Weekly Reading 3