Monday 2nd of October 

The Holy Guardian Angels
“They were afraid to ask him what he meant.”

Luke 9:43-45 

We often find comfort in Jesus’ words; however, sometimes, we find his words quite confronting. Jesus was not afraid to speak the truth to his people, yet he did so out of his love for all. The people did not understand what he was saying but were too afraid to ask about his death.

Sometimes, when we pray and find Jesus’ words challenging, it can also move us to seek and understand Jesus more. When we take the time to know Jesus, we know his great love for us that goes beyond our understanding.

Today, we celebrate the Holy Guardian Angels and their love and protection over us in our lives, guarding us against the evils around us, sending us messages of love and hope through events and people, and guiding us close to our Father.

2023-10-02 Weekly Reading 7