Monday 24th of July

“There is something greater than Solomon here.”

Matthew 12:38-42

Today we reflect upon the identity of Jesus. Jesus, our Saviour, is greater than Jonah, who led the people to conversion, and greater than the wisdom of Solomon. Do we believe this? If we look back over our lives to those moments of struggle, we will see how Jesus was present in all those moments, giving us what we needed to pull through. He was the one giving us hope, giving us comfort, showing us mercy and reminding us of his love for us.

When we pray, we get to know the person of Jesus more and more. We do not need to look for signs like the Pharisees; Jesus is the sign that gives us hope to live and live it to the full. Jesus often told the people that he was the Son of God and that he was resurrected from the dead. Are we convinced? Let us open our hearts and trust in Jesus working in our lives, showing us his love, mercy and compassion.

2023-07-24 Weekly Reading 7