Sunday 23rd of July

“Let them both grow till the harvest.”

Matthew 13:24-43

Those of us who like to garden are forever attending to the weeds that seem to appear overnight. And the temptation is to get rid of the weeds, however, there is a danger that in our attempt to destroy the weeds, we might also destroy the healthy plant.

In our spiritual life, we too, experience what we might call “weeds”. Situations, people and experiences that seek to distract us from doing the good that God asked of us. Even though we would like to have all the weeds gone from our life, living with the imperfect in ourselves and others can lead us to have more patience, compassion and understanding.

Lord, we pray that you help us realise that you are working in our lives, even in the less-than-perfect circumstances of our lives.

2023-07-23 Weekly Reading 6