Friday 21st of July

 “The Son of Man is master of the Sabbath.”

Matthew 12:1-8

As we often see in the Gospel, the Pharisees were overly concerned about the meticulous observance of the law. In their eyes, this was more important than mercy and the concrete needs of others. The Pharisees confronted Jesus when they saw his disciples plucking the heads of grain on the Sabbath, which was according to the law. (However, if one was hungry, it was permittable)

Are there areas in our hearts preoccupied with rules, laws and sacrifices? to the point that we miss the real meaning and message of Jesus? We pray that Jesus might free us from wanting to be more or better than others. Give us hearts Lord that is faithful but open to your voice in the world.

2023-07-21 Weekly Reading 4