Saturday 15th of July

“Mary, go and find the brothers and tell them.”

John 20:1-2,11-18

We often share our bad or difficult news with others, but are we as ready to share the good news? We may need reminding that Jesus’ love is for everyone, and we are to let them know he is alive. We may be among the first to know but Jesus doesn’t want us to sit on this information, but to share our gratitude for his life.

Mary Magdalene was crying because she thought Jesus was gone, she couldn’t find who she was looking for.

When we discover Jesus alive in our lives, he doesn’t want us to cling to him but to share this life with others who are looking or have lost hope. What is the message that Jesus gives us today that he wants us to pass on to our family in Christ?

2023-07-15 Weekly Reading 5