Thursday 13th of July

 “You received without charge: give without charge.”

Matthew 10:7-15

The message Jesus gives his disciples is very different to the way many of us travel today. He invites them to leave their baggage behind, not plan aheadwhere they are going, and rely on him to provide what they need. He invites them to take a risk in being dependent on others. This message also applies to our lives, as we too are disciples commissioned by Jesus. We have received so much from the Lord; forgiveness, love, faith, hope. Do we give these things we have received to others? Do we realise the free gifts we have been given, or do we believe it is by our own merits? And when we give, do we give freely, or do we count the cost? Today Jesus invites us not to count the cost, but to give freely. Today let us open ourselves more to what the Lord wants to give us, so we may also give to others.

2023-07-13 Weekly Reading 3