Saturday 8th of July

“When the bridegroom is taken from them, then they will fast.”

Matthew 9:14-17

How often do we find ourselves longing for circumstances, for ourselves, to be different? In an attempt to change, do we do certain things, have rituals or fasts to try and make it happen? And then feel frustrated and even resentful where there is little to no change?

Jesus shows that he offers so much more than superficial change, but transformation, which goes beyond rituals, rules or doing the ‘right thing’. In fact, our focus on these can take us away from Him, from the bigger picture- from both our underlying healing or the roots of our difficulties as well as the lasting internal transformation over the temporary fixes and attempts to control. We want to learn how to ease the pain to find peace by following the rules, yet God wants us to be fully alive, he has a bigger vision for us and shows us paths and ways we may not even see without Him.

How can we become less focused on our rules and rituals like John’s disciples so that we can directly see and experience Him in our lives?

2023-07-08 Weekly Reading 5