Monday 26th of June

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged.”

Matthew 7:1-5

Sometimes we can be blind to our faults, sin and shortcomings but very observant to the minor failings of others. Today we might ponder Jesus’ words in the gospel: “Why do you observe the splinter in your brother’s eye and not notice the plank in your own.” Do we have a plank in our eye that prevents us from seeing our selfishness, inconsistency, pride or need for control?

We could ask Jesus to help us remove the plank from our eyes first so that we can see ourselves and, second, to see our brothers and sisters for who they are and not through an obscured lens. Lord, please purify our hearts, minds and eyes so that we would love others without feeling the need to judge them.

2023-06-26 Weekly Reading 7