Sunday 26th of March

 “…. Simon, “Do you see this woman? I entered your house; you gave Me no water for My feet….”

Luke 7:36-50

As we deepen on the theme of humility, we are invited to read today’s passage slowly and ponder where we fit into it.  Which character do we identify with? Simon, the woman, or the crowd?  Perhaps we are each one of them at different times in our lives. Simone and this woman are contrasting characters. Simone was a man of wealth, confidence, and security who invited Jesus for a meal. We do not know why he invited Jesus. Was he attracted to Jesus or intrigued? However, we know that Simon did not offer Jesus the customary welcome. What kind of welcome do we give Jesus when we invite him into our lives?

The woman, on the other hand, was an uninvited guest. And worse still, a sinner; however, somehow, she found her way to Jesus. She desperately wanted to show her love to Jesus, making a very public display that brought much criticism and judgement from Simon and the crowd. They questioned how Jesus could let such a women touch him. Jesus taught the Pharisees a lesson about true humility, repentance, and love. When we are self-righteous and full of ourselves, we cannot show forgiveness or love to others. True humility opens the door of our hearts to God and others and allows us to recognise our need for God rather than jumping in to judge others.

2023-03-26 Weekly Reading 6