“As you have sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.”

John 17:18-20

These verses are part of the prayer of Christ prayer to his Father on our behalf in John chapter 17. He was praying for our wellbeing that we may be vigilant in our faith, that we remain united to Christ and to those in our community and that we continue on the mission that Christ. We need to be reminded that when we have heard and understand the truth, we have a responsibility to be called to the service of God. The Apostles had a unique calling to initiate in the name of Christ the evangelization of the world and this mission would be continued by their successors – us.

We can continue that mission by making small changes in our lives and in the life of others. What is it that I can do to be a witness to the truth of Christ? Where is Christ calling me to serve? Who do I need to reach out to? We may not always know the answers and it’s okay. All we need to do is to trust that Christ is with us and we are called to be his hand and feet in this world.