“A Genealogy of Jesus Christ.” 

Matthew 1:1-17

The genealogy of Jesus Christ shows the continuity of God’s providential plan.  In the generations leading up to the birth of Jesus, God called many different men and women to cooperate with his plan and to work with him to ultimately fulfil his promise with the birth of Jesus.  The people in today’s reading would have had no idea that their lives might be part of this incredible plan.  Yet God, in his wisdom as provider, desired to use them anyway.  In the same way, he desires to use us so that Jesus can come into the world through our lives. 

In the lead up to Christmas, how can I better cooperate with God?  How might God be directing me to share the gift of Jesus in my life with others? 

Everybody is bustling, getting ready for Christmas. Did you ever wonder what the preparations for the first Christmas looked like from the vantage point of eternity? The story of Bethlehem reminds us that God approaches us through the seemingly most insignificant.