“I must stay at your house today.”

Luke 19:1-10

In today’s reading, we may notice the interaction between Jesus and Zacchaeus. Although he was intending to pass through Jericho, after seeing Zacchaeus, Jesus invites himself over to his house. To this, Zacchaeus simply “received him with joy”.

In this simple interaction, Jesus was offering Zacchaeus much more than company. He was offering him forgiveness and the free gift of salvation. Today, he speaks those same words to us personally; “I must stay at your house today”. In this simple phrase, Jesus offers us everything and makes his dwelling in us.

Jesus’ mission is still the same today as when he was walking the streets of Jericho; to seek and save the lost. He will never tire of seeking us out, but he will not force himself in. Today, let us welcome him into our hearts, especially into all the hidden and broken places, and respond like Zacchaeus by simply receiving him with joy.