Solemnity of St Joseph

“This is how Jesus came to be born”

Matthew 1:16, 18-21, 24

Today is the feast of St Joseph; husband to Mary and guardian of Jesus.  All that is known about him is found in the first and second chapters of Matthew and Luke, but there is not one recorded word of his in the bible.  This silence suggests he was a fairly ordinary man who lived a fairly simple life as a carpenter.  But this silence makes his interior life more prominent; through a dream God spoke to him, and he was attentive and obedient, giving up his own intentions to do God’s will.  This would have required a lot of courage, faith, humility, and trust.  How different things would have been if he followed his own way… ​

St Joseph’s life shows us that we can be good and genuine followers of Christ by living these simple virtues in our ordinary lives and being faithful to God’s call. What is the way I am following in my own life?  Do I follow the desires of my heart, or do I listen to the voice of the Lord?