“Courage! It is I!”
Matthew 14: 22-36

In today’s reading we see two very human experiences: one of fear and the other of storms of life.

Jesus’ disciples were making the journey to the other side of the lake while Jesus stayed behind to pray, when a bad storm arose. They found themselves tossed around by the wind and full of fear. Jesus saw what was going on, and came towards them walking on the water. In disbelief Peter said, “Lord if it is you command me to walk on the water with you.” Jesus said, “Come.”

A miracle happened; Peter began to walk on water. But when he took his eyes off Jesus and saw the strength of the wind he began to sink. When we take our eyes off Jesus, when we give more authority to the storms and difficulties, strong winds in our life, we to begin to sink. What are the doubts that weaken our faith?

The secret to walking on water is not that there are no waves, winds or troubles, but rather where we look. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus and on his Word so that we can like Peter experience walking on water.