​“You clean the outside of cup while inside yourselves you are filled with wickedness.”​

Luke 11: 37-41

​The Pharisees were very strict observers of the Jewish law and tradition.  Jesus himself was a Jew, so when He did not adhere to the rituals of the day, the Pharisees were shocked.  Perhaps in today’s reading, Jesus intended to use this as an opportunity to teach the Pharisee a lesson about the meaning of true cleanliness; that interior cleanliness is far more important than external cleanliness. ​

​In God’s eyes, it is not anything physical like dirt or grime that make us unclean, but our own thoughts, words and actions. From within our hearts come unclean things like pride, selfishness, jealousy and anger. The Pharisees were so concerned with the ‘external’ and upholding the laws and traditions that they neglected what really mattered; the state of their heart and their internal, personal relationship with God.  What is more important; our external bodies which have a finite life, or our souls which are eternal?​​

Today let us acknowledge the unclean things we struggle with in our own heart.  Let us bring them to the light so Jesus can cleanse us and give us a clean heart.​