“I heard the Lord speak to me, and I felt his power.”
Ezekiel 1:2-5; 24-28

Today’s reading appears to many to be quite obscure. It details a vision of the Prophet Ezekiel. The first part involves four figures. Some of the Church fathers thought of the figures as the traditional authors of the Gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John).

The second part details a vision of God’s glory (verses 26 to 28). This vision is in the figure of a man, sitting on a throne. It is an allusion to the Incarnation and coming of Christ. We also need those kinds of encounters of faith with God’s glory sometimes. How do I respond to Ezekiel’s encounter in prayer today? In seeing the glory of God in everything He has made (including us) do I make the effort to fall upon my face in wonder and “hear one who has a speaking”? Am I prepared to listen to God when I pray in His presence and His glory?