Rich in the sight of God

Luke 12: 13-21 

Jesus tells us today to “be aware of all covetousness”. It is often said in the spiritual life that what we covet reveals to us our attachments and can lead us to be aware of ourselves. What do I covet? Is it what others possess? Is it the qualities or attributes of others? Do I know that I am uniquely made and loved by God? Do I believe that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions?

Jesus’ parable today encourages us to focus not on the temporary riches here on earth, but instead on richness towards God. The error of the man in today’s parable is not being prepared for God’s coming as he lived a “rich” life here on earth. The implication is this is not a good surprise for him! God calls him a fool!

So where have I laid my treasure? Is it with God or something else? How prepared am I today for God approaching me, “requiring” my soul, like he did with the rich man in today’s parable?