“Your peace will rest on that man.”

Luke 10:1-9

As Jesus sent the seventy to the mission in his time, Jesus calls us now to do the mission for our brothers and sisters. Jesus shows us that we do not need anything to bring the mission to others, but our presence and attitude in the midst of others. Our presence can bring peace and joy, but it can also bring anger and bitterness.

The attitude of being a disciple is to be one of faithfulness, openness, of patience and perseverance. Sometimes people will not receive our good intentions, but the important thing is that we have planted the seed of faith in them and to move on to another to spread the word. We encounter many people in our lives, those we enjoy the company of, whilst others not. But with the opportunities we do have with them, Jesus calls us to bring peace to others, to make Jesus known through our presence. How can we bring peace into the lives of others? Let us be inspired by the life of St Luke on his feast day today, a faithful disciple of Jesus and loyal companion to St Paul in the mission of evangelization to thousands. St Luke, pray for us.