“Alas for you blind guides.”

Matthew 23:13-22

Have I entered into the kingdom of Heaven in this life? Am I integrated, complete and honest in my following of Christ? Surely one of the things the Pharisees and scribes would not have done would be to examine their own consciences against their adherence to God’s law as it was known to them! Because of their poorly led (hypocritical) and unexamined lives (ignorance) they are compared by Christ to blind guides and the makers of children of hell. If they are not certainly not entering the kingdom of heaven themselves in this how can they lead anyone else into this kingdom?

So today’s reading can give us pause to contemplate two things: Firstly, how is my following of Christ and the teachings He has given us, not only through His word but through His church? Am I faithful to what I already know to be good and true? Secondly, am I making an effort to continue to form my conscience as an adult? Do I not only pray, but make the effort to learn about Christ’s teachings in a deep and profound way? Do I make it my mission to learn what Christ’s church teaches about how I should live, or do I make little effort to advance my knowledge of Christ’s teachings and to form my conscience? We can only help others enter the kingdom to the extent we are willing to enter ourselves!