“The time came for Elizabeth to have her child.”

 Luke 1:57-66

In this time of Advent, we are called to have joy. When Elizabeth gave birth to a baby boy, the people rejoiced because this child came from God. Do we live in hope and joy? Do we make the effort to step outside our problems, so that we can celebrate the successes of others? When we are faced with difficulty, it is difficult to find the joy. Yet if we remain hopeful to the coming of baby Jesus, our Saviour, we will be given great joy. Are we aware of the presence of God in our lives, bringing us joy each day? The more we are living in joy, the closer connected we are with the Lord. Joy is an attitude of gratefulness of God who gives us life so that we may live to the full. Let us find joy in the little of things, so that when the time comes for the Lord, we may rejoice in his name.