“let anyone blaspheme against the holy spirit and he will never be forgiven.”

Mark 3:22-30

In Jesus’s time, many people wanted to give an explanation to his actions, they were not satisfied by the idea that he was the son of God and could do miracles. Even the teachers of religion believed he was possessed by Satan. Imagine the son of God being told that his powers that he was given by his father God was because he was possessed by Satan. Jesus response to them was by illustration where he told them that Satan could not cast out Satan, this to say that for them to believe that he was possessed by Satan, they must themselves be possessed by Satan.

Sometimes we get unpleasant comments from our friends, family due to our faith and our believes, how do we react to them? If anyone tells us that what we believe in is not real, do we stand by our faith or do we crumble and doubt? Jesus tells us in this passage that there are bigger sins than others, the sin of blasphemy is one that is an eternal one and cannot be forgiven.

When we pray and believe in Jesus Christ, the holy spirit is with us and there are no greater power than being with the holy spirit, therefore when we encounter moments when we are confronted by others who tell us that what we believe in or that our actions are not real or not from God, we should keep faith and know that as long as the holy spirit is with us no one should be against us. “Anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven”.
Let’s keep praying for a greater relationship with the holy spirit so that we can stay focused on our roles of being Jesus’s disciples.