“The people that lived in darkness have seen a great light”
Matthew 4:12-17; 23-25

Today we see Our Lord Jesus preaching and healing. In Matthew’s Gospel, this is the start of His public ministry. Notice how Jesus starts not by travelling far: He only goes out to nearby towns in the region of Galilee. This could be a lesson for us.

The mission does not require us to travel to distant countries. For us, it may require starting in our small region – our home, commutes, faith communities, friends’ places and workplaces. Do I take the opportunity to preach or “heal” those spiritually wounded that I encounter when God prompts me to? Do I see the spiritually wounded, those that need healing, or those that need preaching, the ones whose lives are blinded by sin?

Like in today’s Gospels, let us start with the smaller mission closer to home like Jesus did, and then God’s greater plan can be fulfilled. He may not call us beyond our small pond, but we should know Jesus did not travel too far during His public ministry either!