“The son of man came to give his life as a ransom for many”

Mark 10:35-45

It is always helpful for us to ask ourselves: Why do I seek Jesus? Why do I follow Jesus? If we look closely perhaps, we will see at some level we have some interest, something that needs to be purified in the way we follow Jesus, we have to work interiorly, so that we follow Jesus out of love and not for what we will gain from him.  

The two sons of Zebedee in today’s readings were wanting something from Jesus. They wanted the best seats in the kingdom of God. They wanted to sit at his right and left. They were seeking glory, prestige. Do we ever seek these things from Jesus?

Jesus reminds us in this reading that following him is not about personal gain, honour or glory, rather, it has to do with service and humility. Today we might reflect how we can live this life of service and humility in imitation of Jesus, so that others may experience God’s life and love through us.