Feast of Christ the King

 “The people stayed before the cross, watching Jesus.”

Luke 23:35-43

To the last day until his death, people did not believe or know who Jesus was.  They still scoffed at him telling him that “He had saved others that they should let him save himself”.  It is obvious that these people did not know what the prophecy was, that he had come to save them and that for that he did need to go through what he was going through.  They did not understand Jesus’s mission and what it represented for them.  Sometimes we meet people around us who don’t understand what we do, how we are and what we believe in.  And these people might challenge us and say for example things like “you shouldn’t feel like this or react like that because you know Jesus”.  These things should not discourage us but we should however be like the man who was hanged next to Jesus and “fear God” and always ask Jesus to remember us in his kingdom.