“Leave it one more year and give me time

to dig round it and manure it….”

Luke 13:1-9

In this reading, the vineyard caretaker offers the fig tree another chance to bear fruit.. we too are given many chances but sometimes it’s not until the bitter end that we see our lives more clearly and notice that without allowing ourselves the support and nurturing we need that we are dying like the fig tree-the ‘living dead’. Jesus reminds us that we should stop thinking that it’s ‘the really bad’ people who suffer consequences. We are all sinners and all need to support and nourish one another in our growth.

We are often slow learners when it comes to our spiritual life- even those who excel in almost every other area! Sometimes we think we are doing well because we are feeling blessed with the good fortune we are currently experiencing. Just because the walls are not falling around our ears does not mean that we do not have any need to regularly examine our lives, motivations and actions in the light of God’s word so that we can bear fruit as we are meant to.