Holy Saturday vigil

“He has risen from the dead and now he is going before you to Galilee;
it is there you will see him.”

  Matthew 28:1-10 

Jesus is no longer among the dead he has risen as he had promised us.  As they went looking for the crucified Jesus, it must have been a frightening experience to witness, but the angel calms them and tells them to go tell the story that Jesus has risen as he had promised.  How do we feel after the 40 days journey?  Do we feel like we have journeyed with Jesus during this period?  Did we have faith that he was going to arise from the dead?  Sometimes in our lives, we encounter difficulties and we know Jesus has promised to be there with us in any difficulties, but we have doubts and we forget that he always keeps his words and promises.  As he had told his disciples, he is risen and the angel is asking the women to go and spread the word.  What do we usually do after God has done things we thought were impossible?  Do we keep it to ourselves or spread the good news in the hopes it might touch someone else?

Jesus is risen from the dead, he is alive in our hearts and as we rejoice over this news let’s share the good news with our friends, family, anyone around us in any ways that we can so that his resurrection becomes good news to everyone in the world.