“Do not worry about tomorrow.”

Matthew 6:24-34

In the midst of our daily worries and anxieties of life, the reading is a timely reminder which calls us to trust in the Lord. We all live different phases of our lives, at with it comes its own set of expectations e.g financial security, starting a family, career success etc. Sometimes we may feel like we’re making little progress – and become impatient, anxious, and despair.

But as the passage says, the Father knows our needs – he knows what we need and when we need them. While we must still live out our daily responsibilities, the Lord calls for us to trust in His love, care, his faithfulness, and timing for our lives. He calls us to live today, to be present in each moment for that is his gift of life to us.

Have we been so caught up in the future, that we neglect living in the present? What are the areas of our lives that Jesus is calling us to trust him more?