“This is the heir, come on, let us kill him
and take over his inheritance.”
Matthew 21: 33-43, 45-46

This scripture is commonly indicative of trusting in God’s providence; that He gives us all that we need to fulfil his missionary vocation. However, we contemplate the remarks of the servants today. Their hard work cultivating the land made them feel entitled to the harvest. They lost sight of the landlord’s purpose for them and felt that it was their right to do as they wished. Perhaps we can say that greed for success made them so unaware of their own actions towards the son. They made up their own rules.

It is challenging to apply this reading to ourselves and own up to harming Jesus. How can we relate to being a servant in this reading? Important for us to remember that Jesus loves us unconditionally. He forgives us and accepts us as  we are. During this Lenten season, we strive to become better Christians. Through contemplative prayer we become aware of our actions and try to put ourselves back on the path that leads to Him. Give our weaknesses to Jesus; our sense of entitlement, negative thoughts and actions, compromises… let Him empower us by listening to His voice.

The love of Jesus is in our hearts and we are to keep Him as our reference. Let’s spend a bit of time to reflect on what needs changing in ourselves. Are we quite secular in what our responsibilities are? What matters are we oblivious to that could be harming ourselves, others, the environment etc. It is our responsibility to look after Gods house and His people.