“Jesus went up the hill and summoned those he wanted.”

Mark 3:13-1

Today Jesus calls us from up a hill, this image of him standing on a visibly higher area than ground level could be a reminder that the world is not what we should follow, but it is him. The day to day grind easily swallows us up into routines and norms, however to truly be his disciple is to be challenged to stay committed to his commandments and his ways. Being on a hill means that there is some climbing to do, that effort is involved from us, even when we think we are spiritually unfit, perhaps a prayer to have the grace to look up and be open with our thoughts and actions is good enough.

Then to go deeper, his presence should oversee all aspects of our lives, there is no compartmentalising.
Are there situations where we prefer not to climb? What are the rocks blocking our track up our spiritual hills? He calls us then sends us out, giving us a purpose to live, how to be with others in all aspects of our lives. The men he chose that day weren’t perfect as we know in other scriptures, however via God’s grace they achieved exemplary things. Why has Jesus put us in our current jobs, with our current friendships?