Feast of St Laurence

 “God loves a cheerful giver”
2 Corinthians 9:6-10

Today is an opportunity to sit and reflect on how much the Lord has blessed us in any circumstance. Because He calls us his children and Jesus gave his life for us unconditionally, he teaches us that we have all that we need.

Do we wake up in the morning with a heart of gratitude?
For us to give from our hearts, first we need to receive all that Jesus offers for us. He gives us the courage and the strength to keep building our capacity to be generous with our materials, our time, our patience, and love. When we feel like we can’t give, ask Him to help us see Jesus in the other person. Ask Him in prayer to grant us the grace of generosity especially when it is not reciprocal from the other person.

The passage also mentions that the extent of harvest is equal to our efforts, the more we sacrifice the greater the joy we receive. We may not have personalities that like to take risks, however we need to believe that Jesus sees our capabilities more than we see in ourselves. The urgency to help others over-shadows our self-doubts. What is the great risk that God is asking us to do?

Our giving should not have resentment or a sense of duty, Jesus wants us to give with a loving and grateful heart knowing that He gives already to us in abundance. Let us spend time with Jesus today and receive the grace to give with a cheerful heart!