“We have found the Messiah”
John 1: 35- 42

These are the words of Andrew, a disciple of John the Baptist. After having spent time with Jesus he was deeply convinced that He was the Messiah! It’s like when we find ourselves in great company, we take in every word being said and take part in the conversation.

Imagine being Andrew in this reading. Listening to Jesus, being mesmerised by His stories and His words of wisdom. Andrews heart must have burned with a desire to follow Jesus completely.

Being a few days after Christmas, we ponder on the miracle of the birth of Jesus. We ask ourselves whether we believe that everything told to us in scripture actually unfolded. Like Andrew are we convinced that God has sent us hope through His son Jesus? Are our hearts burning with a desire to be intimate with Him?

Perhaps we can spend some time with the infant Jesus. Take time to bond and re-light the fire in our hearts.

Some of us could be on holiday, maybe dedicate some time to work on our spiritual needs. For us to go out and speak of Jesus, let’s put ourselves as Andrew in this story and spend time with our Lord.