“where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Mathew 6:19-23

Today is the well known verse about storing our riches in heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy.We have likely witnessed how moths get into our pantries and lay larvae in our food items. For eg the whole floor bag gets tossed out into the food bin together with the idea of making lovely pancakes for breakfast.

Mathew gently reminds us that if our priorities are geared towards things of this world, we run the risk of working hard for things that are only temporary. For example as easy as money comes, it goes. The message challenges us to keep our focus on our heavenly kingdom and our relationship with Jesus.What is the majority of our time physically and mentally spent on?

Unconsciously we may shift away from serving Jesus in our life therefore Jesus beckons our heart back to Him. He asks us to work on our relationship with Him so that we can receive the peace and contentment that the world or our desires cannot give.God’s way is truth. Let us spend time with him and be more committed in following His promptings.