“He appointed twelve to be his companions.”

Mark 3:13-19

When Jesus calls us, He is calling us to a purpose that involves His kingdom and that has eternal ramifications. He is calling us into a spiritual war that we cannot fight on our own strength and win. We must fight in His power, His strength, and in His way. Victory is only guaranteed if we do it His way. In following Jesus, He is calling us to leave our old self and embrace the new one. He is calling us into a life of transformation where we must be willing to die to ourselves so that we can be more like Him.

Today and always, we need to continue to respond to Jesus calling us, training us, appointing us, sending us, and empowering us to bless others, minister to others, and help see lives transformed by the power of His gospel. As you walk with Jesus, do you have certainty that He is walking with you? In faith, do you believe in the gift of His authority within you?