“Some Pharisees approached Jesus, and to test him they said, ‘Is it against the Law for a man to divorce his wife on any pretext whatever?’”

Matthew 19:3-12

Today Jesus is speaking about relationships. In the catholic faith, we work towards what the Trinity represents; intimate bonds of the three persons that is portrayed as One Entity. Whatever our vocation may be (single, married, consecrated) we can look to the Trinity for inspiration. As an example, Jesus refers to the marriage of a man and woman. They belong to the same team. If a man speaks negatively of his wife, it reflects negatively on him and vice versa. Jesus says what he has joined, no man can divide.

Despite being individuals, our Spirit becomes one and we must put the means to fuel this. Do we see Jesus in our partners? Do we have similar marriage goals? How does the Trinity inspire us to work at our challenges in relationships?

As a single or consecrated or married the invitation is always there to be one with Christ. Our own selves or others cannot change this because Gods love is eternal. How does Jesus want us to better our relationship? Being one with another through him or with him makes us whole, it fulfils us on a deep level that nothing or no one else can give.