“Jesus went into the temple and drove out those who were selling.”

Luke 19:45–48

In today’s reading, the contrast between the ideal and the reality struck Jesus greatly – his house of prayer had become a commercial opportunity and the needs of the hungry people were ignored by the scheming authorities. As we reflect on this passage, we need to remember that Jesus is reminding us that he wishes to meet us in our hearts – his ‘house of prayer’. Without realising it, we frequently clutter up that space with less important interests and Jesus has to try and cleanse our hearts. Do we allow Jesus to enter our hearts & help cleanse them?

Our bodies and hearts are the temple of the Lord and belong to the Lord. However, do we see our hearts as the house of prayer for Jesus, or have we given our hearts over to the false gods of money and greed? We must persevere to turn to Jesus whenever we feel that we are out of control with our lives.