Luke 1 : 26 – 38

As we pray on today’s reading, we need to acknowledge that Mother Mary’s role in the history of salvation is indeed a unique one. Luke says that Mary was extremely troubled at the angel’s news. Yet, somehow Mary never questioned God and she consented. Mary is the supreme example of obedience to the will of God and it was Mary’s personal relationship with God that enabled her to trust and say yes to what God was calling her to do. Mary trusted God in all things, even in this surreal and frightening situation.

At times, Jesus (and life) presents us with difficult or painful situations that stir up a storm of emotion in us. How do we respond? Do we get angry, fearful, or anxious? Or do we simply distance ourselves from God? If so, do we work and pray to trust God and also to move through our fear and anger? Eventually do we come to believe and trust that God is with us and that God will guide and grace us?

Today and every day, may we ask Mary to pray for us. Ask her to help us fully trust God in all that he wills us to do.