“And yet, not one of you is forgotten in God’s sight”

Luke 12: 1-7

Following on from Yesterday’s reading, Jesus is inviting his disciples not to be afraid of speaking the truth and sharing the faith with others. He has the same message for us. Often times we find ourselves in environments which are not welcoming of the gospel message, nevertheless, Jesus is encouraging us to be courageous and to come out of our comfort zone and proclaim the gospel message without fear.

Sometimes we can run away from the discomfort of sharing our faith, or admitting our beliefs to others, because we want to fit in. However, Jesus is reminding us that the one that we need to seek to please is God. Our eyes and hearts need to be firmly focused on seeking and doing the will of God even when this means that we may be judged or excluded by others. We are only passing through this life, everything we have here is temporary. Therefore, let us live this day with our eyes on the goal and seeking to be “rich in the sight of God.”