“I have no silver or gold, but what I have I give you.”

Acts 3:1-8

To relate this reading to mission, let’s reflect on serving and on love. Jesus served with love and this made his deeds authentic. For us Christians we may like to remember what the first commandment says “ to love your God with all your heart and mind.” To bring this to reality, may mean to see Jesus in everyone and respond to different forms of him. Perhaps it may help us to love the person who we have difficulty getting along with, to give even when it isn’t required.

As we have just finished guidelines on contemplating the cross, the challenge put forth to us is to give with love, because he gives it to us in abundance through the cross. His love helps us to carry out our mission in an authentic way, it helps us to expand our capability of serving and loving.

How does Jesus want me to serve intellectually, spiritually and physically? How do I manage to keep giving authentic non-biased love?

When we feel like we have reached our limit with giving for His sake, openness to let his grace work in us could surprise ourselves. Mission is better fuelled through spending time reflecting on his love for us on the cross.