“Peace be with you.” As the father sent me, so I send you.

John 20:21-23

It is a privilege to have an encounter with Jesus through prayer especially when we are aware of his presence within us. When our hearts receive his peace, we are calm and have courage which are gifts from Jesus to us. Only his peace can nourish us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It gives us hope and confidence that he is always with us in every step. It also encourages us to share this gift of peace and hope to other people and be a witness that he is alive within us. Do we experience Jesus’ presence in our days? Do we look for peace from Jesus or elsewhere?

Through our mission work, people can then discover that Jesus is real and only he can give life, and purify our hearts. Jesus trusts us to do the mission for him and he grants us this personal encounter with him by sending us the Holy Spirit to be with us. So we do not need to be afraid but be bold in sharing him, his peace and love to everyone. Are we ready to go out to share Jesus to the world? What can we offer to other people?