“He had cured so many.”

Mark 3:7-12

In today’s passage, the news of Jesus performing miracles is spreading rapidly. The more He healed, the more the crowds increased. People were coming from all over Palestine and even the lands beyond. The reason so many were flocking to the Lord is clear – their curiosity had gotten the better of them and they had a great desire to be healed. The crowd of people is overwhelming. However, Jesus doesn’t turn anyone away. He meets all the people’s needs. He doesn’t question people’s motives or scold them for coming to him out of desperation. He doesn’t test them to see how sincere they are but instead, gives his attention to the people, healing many of them.

Why do we follow Jesus? Many were pressing themselves towards Jesus because of His healing touch. Do we also follow Jesus for the reason of the miracles that we hope to get from Him? However, we need to accept that Jesus will not heal us all the time. There will be times that we will still be sick no matter how hard we push ourselves towards Jesus. In these times, let us not lose faith in Jesus even if He doesn’t heal us physically. He has his own reasons.

Perhaps it’s a test of our faith; perhaps Jesus wants us to journey with Him in His suffering towards Calvary. The more that healing seems unattainable, the more then that we must intensely follow Jesus. Even if we are not healed physically, Jesus can heal us spiritually. Will we allow him to heal us spiritually?