“You should pray like this…..Our Father.”

Matthew 6:7-15

Prayers is a gift from God to each one of us and it’s the way we connect with Jesus.  Pray and believe that whatever we pray for, it will be given to us by faith.  Prayers strengthens our faith and connection with Jesus.  We pray so we can draw on God’s love, strength, peace, comfort and security so we can love like Jesus and forgive others the way Jesus forgives us.  It requires an effort in allocating our time and developing a friendship with him.

Not only do we pray for ourselves, but for others, to be able to forgive other people, come out of ourselves – our comfort zone, selfishness and expand our horizon.  We can deepen our love through Christ and in all these, it helps us to stay connected with Jesus.  Do we pray everyday?  Do we pray in order to see other people’s needs or only our own needs?  What are our prayer intentions this week?