“As Jesus came in sight of the city he shed tears over it.”

 Luke 19:41-44

Jerusalem was not just a city for Jesus. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke all have Jerusalem as the destination for His 3 year ministry. He was travelling towards Jerusalem as the place of His Passion, death and resurrection to save us all. The Temple in Jerusalem is still the holiest place for all Jews. Jesus foretold its destruction only a few years later by the Romans, which was a disaster for His people. Jesus wept for Jerusalem and its people because He was offering them peace, but it was hidden from their eyes. Today, Jesus is offering us and all people His true peace. Is there anything that the world needs more? Does Jesus weep for us too because we don’t recognise the time of God’s coming to us? Jesus wants us to be the bringers of His peace so that His people are not destroyed again, but instead that they come to Him and are saved.