“In the days of King Herod there lived a priest called Zechariah.”

Luke 1: 5-25

“Do not be afraid” is the most common message from God to us in the Scriptures. People reacted differently to this message. We will pray tomorrow on Mary’s response. Peter got out of his boat when Jesus walked to him across the water. But Zechariah doubted God when the angel gave him the great news that he was to be a father in his old age. The angel took away his power of speech until Zechariah followed God’s will after his son was born and said that his name was to be John.

What is our response when God challenges us but tells us not to be afraid? Do we trust in God perfectly, like Mary, or imperfectly like Peter? We will be blessed if we trust in God, but if we refuse God’s plan for us, we are insulting Him as Zechariah insulted the angel. God wants to fill us with His Holy Spirit so that we will be a joy and delight to many people. Are we prepared to leave our fear behind and trust in God?​