“This is how Jesus came to be born.”

Matthew 1:18-24

During this time, many of us may be overwhelmed by many things like work, Christmas shopping, holidays etc.  We may forget about the real meaning of Christmas and God’s purpose.  In order to experience the actual reason for the season, we need to open our hearts so Jesus can come in and be born within us.  No matter what is inside our hearts – negativity, sadness, pain, selfishness, God is with us and He sends Jesus, his only son to be born in us so he can accompany us with his unconditional love, give us light, bring us peace, hope, and joy.  Most importantly, we let him grow in our hearts.  The more we have Jesus as our rock, the more we can experience him and be able to share him with others.  That is the best gift for us all.  Do we welcome Jesus into our hearts?  Do we trust God like how Joseph and Mary did?