“Whoever believes in me believes not in me,
but in the one who sent me”.

John 12:44-50

We are reminded that when we are with Jesus, we are also with God the Father who sent him to walk with us.  It is like receiving double blessings from him. However, it could be a challenge for us to keep that connection with Jesus and at the same time to be one with God as well.  What Jesus offers us also comes from God and the way we treat Jesus, we also do that to the Father too.  

Through prayers, we can remain with Jesus and our faith, hope, spirituality, and trust can be strengthened.  As we believe in Jesus and his word, we bear the fruits of love, peace, security, and confidence and we can share them to other people and do not stay in darkness.  Are we one with Jesus these days?  Do we practise what we pray?